Fri. May 29th, 2020

NYSC Approves White, Shoulder-Long Hijab for NYSC Members

The use of shoulder long hijab for female corps members, has been approved by members of the National Youth Corps authority.

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Punch’s document confirming the permission further indicated that only three kinds of dressing used for various occasions would be acceptable to members of the body.

The dressing methods for members of the body are categorized into three categories that are used for various occasions. One, their ordinary clothing, unless otherwise directed, comprises of a couple of white shorts with a white vest and white canvas shoes and socks within the camp during the orientation program.

“Two, for ceremonial purposes, are crested vests on top of a pair of Khaki pants with a pair of jungle boots and pants folded in the socks. The belt is to match with the cap.

“Three, for Man O’War camp activities and Community Development Service programs, they are expected to appear in a jacket and pants with the plain white inside vest, the jungle boot and the Fez cap, as well as a matching customized belt.

“The NYSC is not issuing the hijab as part of its uniform when using the hijab. The NYSC leadership, however, enables members of the corps to use a white hijab that falls for religious reasons at the shoulder level.”

A set of Khaki pants and jackets, a crested jacket, a pair of jungle boots, two pairs of white shorts, two flat white jackets, a pair of white canvas shoes, a Fez cap, two pairs of custom socks and a customized belt were also listed as the complete dress kit issued to a member of the body.

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