Fri. May 29th, 2020

BBNaija2019: Reason Why Tacha Was Evicted and Mercy Not.

The reason why Tacha was evicted from BBNaija2019, is not far fetched from the fight she had with an equally Popular member of the house named Mercy. Since her eviction, her name has refused to seize in the lips of every big brother lover.

Her disqualification has since been a question being that Mercy was retained despite the fact that the issue was between them.

It was on Friday 27th September 2018 when other members of the house where on their way to the lounge to settle for the task ahead to be stated by Seyi, the head of the house.

While waiting for Mercy to join them, Cindy came from the dressing room to let Tacha know that Mercy said she was stupid for all her speeches against her.

This resulted in a horrific argument for the two strong housemates that led to many spitting chants.

The filthy struggle took place only two weeks after Big Brother gently forgave house violations and deleted strikes that allowed housemates to begin in a clean slate.

Tacha and Mercy lost their temper and put caution into the wind during a disorder, which lasted more than four hours, but also consumed the farewell greetings meant for Cindy.

Tacha was charged with losing her temper, shooting and also pulling Mercy’s hair according to the allegations leveled against Tacha from Biggie. All of them are regarded as violence under the house rules of Biggie.

Biggie found Mercy guilty for violating the domain of provocation, not leaving a volatile and non-physical condition. She was also found guilty when she flicked on Tacha to provoke her more by stroking a chord of ember.

Biggie’s Rule Book Say’s

The rule book clearly states in Article 18 sub-section one that, other types of violence including provocation, goading, bullying, and victimisation may be punished by Big Brother in any way Big Brother chooses.

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